RWM Activities

People who appreciate extraordinary surroundings and would like to use these for conversation on any number of topics are welcome to visit the gallery and the garden and feel at home here. The artist's home has a number of patios  and a covered outdoor seating area with a fireplace. Everyone who comes here has the chance to discuss their ideas with others. Comments on the artist's sculptures can be a fulfilling subject for all involved.

Stonecutting Classes

The artist offers classes in his studio and the garden for those interested in trying out their talents in stonecutting for the first time or extending their skills further.


It is possible to use the gallery for small-scale events such as a poetry reading for guests. The atmosphere created when sitting among the sculptures provides an exclusive setting for new experiences. The next room in the house is specialized in events. (see Feel free to use this room to hold your own events and inspire the participants' creativity by including a visit to the gallery.