Dieter Wiesmann

Dieter Wiesmann is a portrait photographer and has been specialized in portrait photography for many years. He was born in Munich, and now lives and works in the lower Rhine region and in the greater Munich area. His studio is located in the historic tower of the Brüggen Castle. Stylish, aesthetic photographs are characteristic for the special type of photography Dieter Wiesmann produces.

The main emphasis of Dieter Wiesmann’s photography is commissioned work in all areas of photographs of people including portraits, nudes, beauty and business. He also produces photographs of people independently. The photographs on display in the Gallery of RWM in 2012 were works on the subject of “Portrait and Nude Photography in the Studio“. From the beginning of June to the  end of July Dieter Wiesmann is exhibiting photographs entitled “Only a Matter of Form“ in his studio in Brüggen.

Dieter Wiesmann’s Works of Art:

Portrait u Akt im Studio 1Reine Formsache1







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