Current exhibition: 2.9.2017 - 10.1.2018


(Vernissage on 2.9.2017,19 o' clock)

Motto:"Look and face and mimic."

With works by Rudolf W. Meyer, Dagmar Winkler-Wolff and Helmuth Wolf


Dagmar Winkler-Wolff is active in the pedagogical field. She lives in Pulheim near Cologne. In her spare time she is painting. In her paintings, the desire for experimentation as well as the confrontation with painterly processes of form become apparent. The main focus of the content lies in the categories "human form" and "nature".

Helmuth Wolf is a freelance metal designer for many years; he lives in Kempen. His sculptures combine the materials of metal and fused glass; themes of his work are free forms, but also furnishings such as tables and shelves.