Gallery of RWM

Reflexion Wirkung Möglichkeiten

RWM stands for Reflexion (reflection), Wirkung (effect), Möglichkeiten (possibilities). In September 2012 Rudolf Meyer created an inviting backdrop for his artistic life and the stone sculptures he makes. People who are interested in finding out more about him and his sculptures can come to his gallery. This is the place to spend time with his works of art and be encouraged to explore new thoughts or creative possibilities.

The artist arranges various exhibitions in his gallery. These always include the works of another artist. The second artist provides artworks including paintings, photographs or collages, for example. Every exhibition has its own motto which shows the connection between the works of both artists. The various means to create art build a bridge between the differnt forms of artistic expression.

Additional art is on display in the large garden adjoining the gallery. Guests are invited to take a walk there and be inspired by the art they can see in a natural context.